Donating My Time

Plinky asked, “Do you volunteer?”


Not at the moment, unfor­tu­nately :-( I have in the past, with an online safety group, Girl Scouts, home­school­ing groups, Freecy­cle, and other orga­ni­za­tions. I’m look­ing for some­thing to do again, since I find myself with time on my hands and a bit more energy than I had for a while.

Wait — I do still do some vol­un­teer work, as a Goodreads librar­ian. But that doesn’t feel like vol­un­teer work so much as a way to deal with my obsessive-​​compulsive ten­den­cies. After all, how many other peo­ple get to fix some­thing that’s WRONG on the internet?

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Plinky asks, “Would you ever take a cruise? Why or Why not? Where would you go?”

And Another Cruise Ship

Sure. I’d love to take a cruise. In fact, that seems like a lovely way to travel to/​through the Caribbean or the coast of Alaska. I know peo­ple who have done both who rec­om­mend both trips highly.

I think I’d enjoy a theme cruise more, though, like gam­ing (RPG gam­ing, not gam­bling gam­ing) or filk­ing or maybe even an entire SF Con on board a ship. I’m not par­tic­u­lar to any one fan­dom enough to get into any­thing like a Trek cruise, but a more gen­eral fan cruise could be fun. Com­bine lovely sur­round­ings and pam­per­ing with fun? Sure!

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If I Could Be a Magazine Editor

Plinky asked, “If you could be an edi­tor for any mag­a­zine, which would you choose?”


Oh, that’s a dif­fi­cult ques­tion. There are mag­a­zines like Wired, that have enor­mous dis­tri­b­u­tion within a cer­tain demo­graphic and cover fas­ci­nat­ing sub­jects. Then there are lifestyle mag­a­zines that have the poten­tial to be very influ­en­tial among women, such as Real Sim­ple (the only one I per­son­ally ever read). I’m afraid I’d be bored pretty quickly with their con­straints, though. More seri­ously, there are mag­a­zines like Sci­en­tific Amer­i­can (and Sci­en­tific Amer­i­can Mind) or Skep­tic. That would be chal­leng­ing. Do you think National Geo­graphic edi­tors get to travel much? I haven’t even touched the online mags, like Salon, yet. They count, right? Then there are all the lit­tle niche pub­li­ca­tions, like the mag­a­zines for var­i­ous sorts of col­lec­tors, or needle­work­ers, or cross­word enthu­si­asts and so on. Is there a mag­a­zine about mag­a­zines, other than Writer’s Digest?

I keep com­ing back to the breadth of mate­r­ial Wired cov­ers. Tech­nol­ogy, books, music, sex — that sounds pretty good to me. If I got to play with the lat­est tech toys, it would be even better!

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My Opinion of Reality TV

Plinky asked, “What do you think of real­ity tele­vi­sion? Do you watch any real­ity TV shows?”

Cat watch­ing him­self

I don’t watch any real­ity TV shows, and I detest every one that I’ve seen except The Sing-​​Off. Even with it, all I care about is lis­ten­ing to the music. I can’t stand the non­sense with the judges, the “let’s take the con­tes­tants to a school/​senior center/​etc.” seg­ments, or any of the “mak­ing of” bits. The per­son­al­i­ties usu­ally detract from the music, if you ask me.

All the other real­ity shows seem to require arti­fi­cial drama of some sort, which is dis­gust­ing and child­ish. Who wants to see that crap? Not me, for sure. I don’t like con­flict between peo­ple in my per­sonal life and I don’t want to see it between strangers on tele­vi­sion with­out a really good plot and way bet­ter act­ing than any­body on any real­ity show is capa­ble of.

I use the tele­vi­sion for enter­tain­ment, which means escape. I want to see some­thing that’s hon­estly fic­tional and very dif­fer­ent from my real life or any­thing I’m likely to encounter, so I watch foren­sic dra­mas, police procedurals/​mysteries, and sci­ence fiction/​fantasy shows when I do watch television.

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When I Need a Laugh


Plinky asked: “When you need a good laugh, who/​what do you turn to?”

I can usu­ally rely on my Face­book friends to have some­thing up that will make me laugh. They haven’t failed me yet!

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