Celtic Needlework

I love Celtic knotwork. These pieces aren't all knotwork, but include any kind of Celtic themes. The fact that a designer or company is Scottish, Irish, or Welsh doesn't necessarily mean they'll be included, though. The fact that I've listed a site here does not constitute an endorsement of the designs on it. Some of them are, by my standards, downright ugly. Others just aren't to my tastes - but they are Celtic. If you know of a site I've missed, please let me know!

  • Clare's Celtic Cornucopia has some lovely designs, include some by Michael Vickery that seriously endanger my budget. There are some freebies on the site.
  • Dragon Fire Designs did have a complementary Celtic Knot pattern on their site. I can't find it now, but I've written to ask if its still available. They keep releasing more and more beautiful designs.
  • X-Calibre Designs Celtic Page
  • At River's End has a collection called "I Am Of Ireland"
  • Textured Treasures offers some marvelous - and, from the looks of them - challenging designs. I especially like the Twilight, Midnight and Dawn series.
  • Stacy's Cross-Stitch Place has quite a few Scottish tartans graphed for cross-stitch.
  • Classic Stitches - magazine published in Scotland with some lovely free patterns to download.
  • Mearnscraft - Cross-Stitch from Scotland
  • Avalon Stitchery says "Pagan/Celtic/Medieval Cross-Stitch Patterns Designs by Margaret March." There are two lovely freebies available on the site, and I look forward to seeing more of Margaret's work.
  • I recently ran across some very nice Celtic designs from Y-Knot Designs. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have a web site at all. I did find some of the designs on the web site for New Zealand Needlecraft (along with other Celtic designs by other designers I'd never seen before).
  • Aon Celtic Art & Illumination has several free designs, including some lovely knotwork.
  • Celtic Cross Stitch not only has lovely designs, they offer a free Celtic Alphabet generator that you can use to chart your mottos.
  • Hillcroft House has twenty different Celtic knot patterns available, according to their web site, as well as astrological designs.
  • Milestone Designs offers quite a few Celtic and Welsh designs, some free and some for sale.
  • Jaye's Stitchery has a wide variety of Celtic pieces.
  • OK Studios has several nice free Celtic motifs.
  • PK Designs has a nice little free Celtic knot pattern.
  • The Needlepoint Company has more Celtic designs and some nice moon and earth pieces.
  • Criss-Cross Designs offers Celtic, Egyptian and astrological designs.
  • Jeanette Ardern Designs has a few Celtic pieces, some really cool geometric pieces and a lovely sun and moon set.
  • Aion Needlecrafts has some very colorful Celtic animals.
  • Musgrave Designs is a Scottish company that offers Celtic and Scottish designs.
  • The Celtic Collection at The Imray Shop looks incredible!

Last updated November 8, 2001


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