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Note: Much of this section is outdated, and the articles linked below were written a LONG time ago. Who uses Usenet any more? How many of you even know what Usenet is now? I'm working on writing new stuff, and updating what's on this site, but I'll leave the links for historical purposes.

Somehow, not getting a regular paycheck for being a geek doesn't make you stop being geeky. Go figure. Of course, I was doing techie stuff before I ever got paid for it, and in fact that's how I learned enough about it to turn it into work I love, so I guess it figures that I still do it. I just get to be pickier about what I do now. And hey, I couldn't be TechnoMom without some tech stuff, right?

I've created a FAQ to provide the information I'm most frequently asked for and to help folks help themselves. It gives away the closely-guarded Secrets of Computer Geeks, helps you learn to troubleshoot your own system, find helpful resources, and get the most out of your interaction with support personnel when you do have to find help elsewhere.

I use PGP, which is fairly geeky in and of itself. I've written a brief introduction to it to explain those weird characters you might have seen around my email and usenet messages. Obviously, I'm working on web sites these days, so here are some good web design resources.

Hoax messages and ridiculous virus alerts are two of my pet peeves.