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Some­how, not get­ting a reg­u­lar pay­check for being a geek doesn’t make you stop being geeky. Go fig­ure. Of course, I was doing techie stuff before I ever got paid for it, and in fact that’s how I learned enough about it to turn it into work I love, so I guess it fig­ures that I still do it. I just get to be pick­ier about what I do now. And hey, I couldn’t be Tech­noMom with­out some tech stuff, right?

Home is where I spend most of my time and energy these days, though, and that does affect what I think about with regards to com­put­ers. And lately I’ve been cog­i­tat­ing about fam­ily group­ware. No, it doesn’t really exist yet — but I’m hop­ing it will. Soon.

I’ve cre­ated a FAQ to pro­vide the infor­ma­tion I’m most fre­quently asked for and to help folks help them­selves. It gives away the closely-​​guarded Secrets of Com­puter Geeks, helps you learn to trou­bleshoot your own sys­tem, find help­ful resources, and get the most out of your inter­ac­tion with sup­port per­son­nel when you do have to find help elsewhere.

I use PGP, which is fairly geeky in and of itself. I’ve writ­ten a brief intro­duc­tion to it to explain those weird char­ac­ters you might have seen around my email and usenet mes­sages. Obvi­ously, I’m work­ing on web sites these days, so here are some good web design resources.

Hoax mes­sages and ridicu­lous virus alerts are one of my pet peeves.