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  • At some point in time every computer user has looked at the files on his hard drive and said "where the heck did that come from, and what made it?" Sometimes the file in question is something someone emailed you, or something that was attached to a usenet post. You don't have to stay ignorant, though, because here's a list of file types.

  • If you need to look up any technology-related term, WhatIs?com probably has it listed. They also have great lists of emoticons and acronyms commonly used on the net.

  • Practically Networked is a great source of information on networking for the home or small office user.

  • If you need to find drivers for your hardware, or just the support for the hardware manufacturer, head over to If you don't know who made the piece of hardware in question, you can even track it down by using the FCC ID code from the hardware.

  • TUCOWS (The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software) is the place to go if you need a freeware or shareware program, especially anything related to the internet or web publishing.

  • If you're looking for software that isn't necessarily related to the internet, try WinSite or Download.Com.

  • SourceForge is a great place to find open source software.

  • I learn something new almost every time I visit If there is something about Windows9x that is simply driving you nuts you can probably find a workaround or patch here. And, of course, the Microsoft bashing stories on the site are always good for a frustration-easing laugh.

  • BugNet isn't limited to Win95 bug information, but has good information about Win95 as well as other operating systems and applications. I actually bought their book, The Windows 95 Bug Collection and then found the web site.

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