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Tonight I’m grateful that my Daddy does NOT have the blood clot we thought he might have earlier today. He did have to go to the emergency room, but the swelling in his leg is due to something else.

Cooler Now

Oh, thank goodness. Daddy fixed the A/C! I’m glad to know it wasn’t just me not tolerating the heat well despite A/C (I’m getting to that age now). Thank you, Daddy! Looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight!


1) Kids young enough to hunt Easter eggs as many times as they can persuade somebody to hide them.
2) A nephew willing to hide said eggs ’til the younger kids drop.
3) The littlest nephew, too young to understand the whole business of hiding and finding eggs, but happy to run about after the other kids


1) Good pizza for dinner
2) Living in an area where we can get a pizza delivered (that hasn’t always been the case)
3) Having the money to buy the pizza!
4) Good dinner company