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Tonight I’m grate­ful that my Dad­dy does NOT have the blood clot we thought he might have ear­li­er today. He did have to go to the emer­gency room, but the swelling in his leg is due to some­thing else.

Cooler Now

Oh, thank good­ness. Dad­dy fixed the A/​C! I’m glad to know it wasn’t just me not tol­er­at­ing the heat well despite A/​C (I’m get­ting to that age now). Thank you, Dad­dy! Look­ing for­ward to a good night’s sleep tonight!


1) Kids young enough to hunt East­er eggs as many times as they can per­suade some­body to hide them.
2) A nephew will­ing to hide said eggs ’til the younger kids drop.
3) The lit­tlest nephew, too young to under­stand the whole busi­ness of hid­ing and find­ing eggs, but hap­py to run about after the oth­er kids


1) Good piz­za for din­ner
2) Liv­ing in an area where we can get a piz­za deliv­ered (that hasn’t always been the case)
3) Hav­ing the mon­ey to buy the piz­za!
4) Good din­ner com­pa­ny