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Dr. Horrible!

Go go go! This is the last day to see it free!

If it comes out on DVD as hoped, we’ll be buy­ing a copy. It’s hilarious.

Oh! There’s also a Cap­tain Ham­mer comic!


Katie got the Juno DVD last week, so we all watched it together Fri­day night. She’s been gush­ing about it since see­ing it in the the­ater, and adores the sound­track, so we were cer­tainly curious.

It was an odd movie, fairly quiet – no car crashes, big tragedies, etc. It was really well-​​done, and I was pleased with how real­is­ti­cally it depicted a teen pregnancy.

I’m more than slightly annoyed with what feels like a lit­tle puri­tan­i­cal “gotcha,” with the girl get­ting preg­nant the first and only time she had sex. Yes, of course I know it can hap­pen, but it still feels a lit­tle like the hor­ror movies in which any female who has had sex dies.

The music was really, really cute, and very Katie-​​ish. She’s a quirky girl, my kid.

I was a lit­tle dis­tracted every time Jason Bate­man was on the screen, because he loooks so much like Nathan Fil­lion.1 I won­der if they’re related at all? If they are, IMDB doesn’t men­tion it.

1 I didn’t real­ize how young Fil­lion is, either – five years younger than I am!

A Monster Got Me!

Repeat­edly, even.

At Sam’s Club.

Okay, he was maybe 4 years old, and a seri­ous cutie. Wear­ing a Marine Corps t-​​shirt, no less. First, he ran up to a cou­ple in front of me and “RAWRRd,” (not actu­ally touch­ing any­one). The man laughed, but had to stop and try to look huffy when his wife got all pissy. I smiled at the lit­tle one and laughed, and smiled at his parents.

His father came over and informed me that his son had been watch­ing “mon­ster” car­toons. He didn’t speak a lot of Eng­lish, but we were able to com­mu­ni­cate just fine.

Mon­ster Boy fig­ured that I was safe, so he “attacked” me a half-​​dozen times before I got to the “check your receipt” lady. I sup­pose my “Oh Noes!” response was good enough, because he kept com­ing back. I did get a tickle in, which made him squeal with glee.

I did get a lit­tle wor­ried when he tried to fol­low me out to the park­ing lot (lots of traf­fic!) but his father was on the ball.

I try to avoid Sam’s Club/​WalMart/​etc., but they do have the cheap­est pre­scrip­tions in town, so we end up there once a month.

That was the nicest visit I’ve ever had.

Crime TV

I’ve been on a video spree over the last month or so, get­ting caught up with all three C.S.I. shows. We also fin­ished watch­ing sea­son 2 of Torch­wood, and real­ized that some of it wouldn’t make sense unless we get caught up on Dr. Who.

Annoy­ingly, all three C.S.I.s ended on cliffhang­ers. I do hate that. I would keep watch­ing next sea­son any­way, so why the tease? They’re all very well estab­lished. And one episode of C.S.I. Miami had a “spe­cial scene” that was only avail­able on the offi­cial web­site – and it isn’t there any more! What are all the view­ers who didn’t view it in real time sup­posed to do? I found a descrip­tion of the scene, but it wasn’t as good as actu­ally watch­ing it.

Sam is always amazed that I can watch that stuff. Hon­estly, the vio­lence and blood do bother me, espe­cially when there are ran­dom crimes. For some rea­son, it doesn’t bother as much as some other things, maybe because I take off my head­phones so that I don’t have to hear some sounds, and I gen­er­ally avoid look­ing at the bod­ies too much.

The part I like is the puz­zle, fig­ur­ing out how a crime was com­mit­ted and who did it. I know the shows are incred­i­bly unre­al­is­tic in many ways, from the fact that real crime scene inves­ti­ga­tors almost cer­tainly do not go run­ning around with guns to arrest crim­i­nals to the real­ity that nobody can be pro­fi­cient in every sin­gle type of foren­sic analy­sis that needs to be done. Actual foren­sic labs are almost always under­funded, so get­ting evi­dence gath­ered, processed, and ana­lyzed in hours (as the shows often depict) is pure fan­tasy. Real foren­sic labs don’t usu­ally get the equip­ment they need reg­u­larly, and they cer­tainly don’t have the lat­est and great­est toys of every sort in handy forms that every sin­gle tech can carry in his kit “just in case” he ever needs it at a scene.

I can sus­pend my dis­be­lief that much. And I can almost ignore the non­sense of “trac­ing an IP address to an email address” to get a criminal’s iden­tity in sec­onds. It’s Hollywood.

I watched the first episode of The Closer tonight, since I’ll have to wait until fall for more C.S.I. I don’t like cop shows as much as foren­sics shows, but I was intrigued by Kyra Sedgwick’s per­for­mance in some pro­mos I saw a few years ago. Her “Atlanta accent” is atro­cious, but the char­ac­ter is inter­est­ing. I don’t know why the “big plot twist” that was obvi­ous to me in the first few min­utes of the show would take a bunch of pro­fes­sion­als days (appar­ently) to fig­ure out, though. Maybe they’re too gender-​​bound? Who knows.

I sup­pose that if we had cable and I hap­pened to run across The Closer, I would watch it again. I think I’ll find another foren­sics show the next time I’m bored enough to go look­ing for view­ing mat­ter, though.

My name is Cynthia, and I am a roleplaying addict

My one and only com­plaint about gam­ing with Sam is that I never, ever get enough. He’s just so good, and the sto­ries are so fas­ci­nat­ing, that I always want more! I’m just greedy, I guess.

Yep, I flubbed my sav­ing throw against being a geek.