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Coloring Fun!

While updat­ing the kids’ col­or­ing links on my site today, I came across this lovely God­dess Col­or­ing Book for grown-​​ups. It’s free! I plan to print out the pages and have some nice, relax­ing time with my mark­ers tomor­row. Hope, I’m think­ing of you!

I still have a hymen (or “vaginal corona”) ? And I thought I just had the box it came in!

Swedish group renames hymen ‘vagi­nal corona’

…(T)he term hymen is rooted in the Greek word for mem­brane. Rather than a frag­ile mem­brane that breaks, how­ever, the hymen is actu­ally mul­ti­ple folds of mucous membrane.

The vagi­nal corona is a per­ma­nent part of a woman’s body through­out her life. It doesn’t dis­ap­pear after she first has sex­ual inter­course, and most women don’t bleed the first time.

After read­ing the arti­cle, I have to say that I agree with the rea­son­ing as to why there should be a name change, but I don’t really think it’s going to go far. It’s far bet­ter to just con­tinue to work on tak­ing vir­gin­ity off the ridicu­lous pedestal upon which it has been placed than on try­ing to replace one word with another.

So What’s Different?

I saw the topic and thought, “Gosh, maybe I’ve missed some­thing obvi­ous. I’ve never been so good at this Girly-​​Girl thing. I should watch that.”

I watched it. I don’t feel enlightened.

Maybe it’s just been too long since I thought about this stuff, but what’s so dif­fer­ent about apply­ing make-​​up for 40-​​year-​​olds than it is for 20-​​year-​​olds? I get that people’s skin type might change, but that’s an indi­vid­ual thing. Where did this “no mas­cara on the bot­tom lashes” thing come from, and why?

Maybe some­one who reads women’s mag­a­zines or watches TV can give me a clue here.

(Yep, this is a very shal­low entry.)

It’s sex ed, really!

Graduate of Bush’s Abstinence-only Sex Education by Ann Telnaes

Aw, poor widdle terrorist!

I know you’re all torn up to hear that Eric Rudolph is mis­er­able in prison.1

“Using soli­tary con­fine­ment, Super­max is designed to inflict as much mis­ery and pain as is con­sti­tu­tion­ally per­mis­si­ble,” he wrote in a letter.

No, really? That’s part of that whole deter­rent fac­tor, ya know? Jail isn’t sup­posed to be a vaca­tion. Maybe you should have con­sid­ered the pos­si­bil­ity of los­ing a lit­tle time in the moun­tains before you took to being a bomber, Rudolph?

Of course, he still has his life to com­plain about, unlike some of his victims.

My real ques­tion, I sup­pose, is why is this news? What is our atten­tion being redi­rected away from?

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