Day: April 15, 2012

Monument to See

Plinky asked, "What famous monument do you hope to see one day?"

mont st michel.JPG

I'd like to go back to Mont St. Michel some day and spend more time there. I visited the place briefly during a trip while I was in high school, and a small part of one day simply wasn't nearly enough time to spend in the cloisters, much less the rest of the place. There's so much history there!

I would have been happy to wander up the winding road lined with shops at a leisurely pace had we not been on such a strict schedule, but as it was I was racing to make it to the top.

Of course, all visitors are on something of a schedule, because the tide covers the road to the island every day, and I'm not certain visitors are even allowed to stay past a certain time. It might be necessary to stay nearby and spend several days exploring, concentrating on a different bit of the island each time – the cloisters one day, different stages of the cathedral construction on different days, the shops another – to truly do the place justice.

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