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A New Pet

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Critters, NaBloPoMo | Posted on 13-04-2012


Plinky said, "Pick a new pet to take home for free."

Great Pyrenees

There's no such thing as a free pet, as any responsible pet owner knows! Beyond the costs of housing and feeding the animal, you have to provide for health care such as preventive medication for heartworms and other parasites (for dogs and cats, at least), regular vaccinations, and check-ups. That's with a healthy, young animal! If the animal gets ill or injured, of course, there are more expenses.

However, if I had an appropriate home and could afford all the concomitant expenses, I'd love to have a big dog. I've never stopped missing Karli, the Great Pyrenees cross who was stolen from our family. She had a lovely temperament, and I adore large dogs in general.

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