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A New Pet

Plinky said, “Pick a new pet to take home for free.”

Great Pyre­nees

There’s no such thing as a free pet, as any respon­si­ble pet owner knows! Beyond the costs of hous­ing and feed­ing the ani­mal, you have to provide for health care such as pre­ven­tive med­ica­tion for heart­worms and other par­a­sites (for dogs and cats, at least), reg­u­lar vac­ci­na­tions, and check-ups. That’s with a healthy, young ani­mal! If the ani­mal gets ill or injured, of course, there are more expenses. 

How­ever, if I had an appro­pri­ate home and could afford all the con­comi­tant expenses, I’d love to have a big dog. I’ve never stopped miss­ing Karli, the Great Pyre­nees cross who was stolen from our fam­ily. She had a lovely tem­pera­ment, and I adore large dogs in gen­eral.

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