Day: April 12, 2012

Books Per Year

Plinky asked, "About how many books do you read each year?"

Books behind the bed

Last year is the first time I ever tried to track them, and I think it was 150+ according to GoodReads. I don't know how to see the number again, right off. That was probably about average.

I'll probably read less this year because I've been stitching more, as well as spending time on the ukulele. I'm also considering trying to get my piano skills back, which will take up more leisure time. So I've set a goal to read just 60 books this year (GoodReads is asking people to set goals for that now) and I'm 13% ahead at the moment. That's a fairly low goal, but I'd rather go over than not meet my goal.

My "to be read" pile is electronic these days, but it contains thousands of books and it just keeps growing, so I expect that I'll never run out of books to read.

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