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Day: March 28, 2012

Kids Today

Plinky said, “Name three advan­tages that kids born these days have over older gen­er­a­tions. What about dis­ad­van­tages?

Inter­net I

1) The inter­net. I can hardly imag­ine what it would have been like to have ready access to so much infor­ma­tion at an early age!

2) Ubiq­ui­tous con­nec­tiv­ity. Even for those like my daugh­ter who don’t remem­ber a time with­out the inter­net, being able to con­nect every­where is a new thing that kids born now will take for granted.

3) Con­stant com­mu­ni­ca­tion. These kids are unlikely to ever walk five miles to the near­est gas sta­tion if they run out of gas, because they’ll have cell phones so they can call for help. There are fewer and fewer places with­out cell cov­er­age, too.

As for dis­ad­van­tages:

1) They’ll never know a world with­out sur­veil­lance. They’ll be mon­i­tored con­stantly from cradle to grave, offi­cially or unof­fi­cially.

2) There are fewer and fewer wild places where they can go to get away and just be kids, run­ning around with­out a phone ring­ing or an adult mon­i­tor­ing them in some way. I spent many hours in the woods as a child, but it wasn’t safe for my daugh­ter to do the same thing.

3) The same inter­net that brings them such mar­velous infor­ma­tion brings them into con­tact with more peo­ple as chil­dren than their grand­par­ents ever knew, thus increas­ing the like­li­hood that they’ll encoun­ter preda­tors. With­out care­ful mon­i­tor­ing, they can all too eas­ily become vic­tims.

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