Java Jive

Plinky asked, "Do you need coffee to wake up in the morning?"

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I wouldn't say I need it, because I don't drink it every day. I do, however, enjoy it, especially if I'm able to sit down and sip a cup in that quiet time before anyone else is up and about.

My preferred coffee at home is Suisse Mocha, and the sugar-free sort is also decaffeinated. I do wish the company would give me more choices there, but they don't. Back when I was at Agnes Scott, my friend Anne Mireille would ask me if I was drinking brown crayons because of the residue Suisse Mocha leaves behind in the cup. By the end of fall quarter, she too was enjoying “brown crayons” because the stuff is just that good, no matter how it looks.

Away from home, I enjoy Starbucks' Raspberry Vanilla Mocha. No, that isn't on the menu — it's a special order, and well worth the trouble (two pumps of each syrup added to the regular mocha for the Grande size). That's even more calorie-laden than the regular Suisse Mocha, though, so it's a very special treat.

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