Livejournal’s Writer’s Block ques­tion of the day is, “Cats or dogs– which do you pre­fer, and why?”

I don’t pre­fer one over the other. I’ve shared my life with cats and dogs from my ear­li­est years and love both. My par­ents wouldn’t con­sider allow­ing dogs inside the house and weren’t happy about hav­ing cats there, but smaller crit­ters are eas­ier to sneak in, so I got more time to snug­gle with the cats. Recently, I haven’t had a home with a fenced yard, so I haven’t had a dog. It seems unfair to have a dog with­out giv­ing him a place to run around and play off the leash every day. The cats deal with an all-​​indoor envi­ron­ment more eas­ily. But as soon as I’m able to do so, I’ll have a canine com­pan­ion again!