Day: March 13, 2012

On Politics

Plinky asked, "Where do you fall on the political spectrum?"

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That depends on where you're standing. In Europe, I'd be considered conservative, apparently. In the U.S., I'm progressive, so I'm considered a flaming liberal.

I agree with the libertarians on some issues, like gun control (it means hitting what you aim at).

I also think that any decent society takes care of its people in far more ways than just having a strong military force. Universal health care (not insurance, CARE), strong consumer protections and consistent, fierce environmental protection are just a few of the things that need to come from the federal government without interference from any other entity – including state governments.

I live in Georgia, where there's talk of the state government creating a panel to review every federal law and decide whether or not to allow that law to be effective in Georgia. That's a violation of the U.S. Constitution, as I understand things, as federal law is supposed to supersede state law. Georgia's state government is pretty free and easy about violating the Constitution, as evidenced by the state house recently passing a bill to post the ten commandments in every public building in the state (including every public school). There's an excellent chance that the state senate will pass it, too, because anybody who votes against it will be in trouble with the conservatives in their districts.

Decent education is important, too, and it's too important to be left up to states like Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. It isn't possible to have an institutional education that's as good as a home education, since most people leave the education of their children up to the government, it is especially important for the future of our country that the job be done right.

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