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And Weather

Posted by Cyn | Posted in NaBloPoMo | Posted on 02-03-2012


That's what March is usually known for, and so far the month is true to form here in Atlanta. Thunderstorms yesterday, more predicted for today. What's different is that it's hot, nastily muggy. I don't recall even being tempted to use the A/C all year round until the last few years, but now it's just about normal. Hello, climate change! And the A/C isn't working here.

At least the cats enjoy having the windows open. They consider that an improvement over A/C any day. And I like watching the cats enjoy the fresh air. Cats embody "be here now" pretty well. It has been too long since I shared my life with a dog, but I seem to remember them doing it perfectly. I'm working on it that myself.

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