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General Update

Posted by Cyn | Posted in College, Family, Health | Posted on 02-09-2010


It has been some time since I posted much here, so I figure that I should do a bit of an update. It isn't as if anything has changed in any big way. Sam has the same nice and stable job, and we're still very happily together after—oh, wow, it's twelve years this month.

Katie is a college student now, and still living at home (I'm very happy about that!) since she decided to attend a local school. Her health issues haven't gone away, but she's trying so very hard—I worry about her constantly. She pushes and pushes until she collapses every day and at the end of every week. She has a very active social life (what do you expect? she's a babe!), and happily she has a great group of friends who are supportive about helping her get to class when neither she nor I drive.

One of the classes she was supposed to take (French) was canceled due to inadequate enrollment. She was terribly unhappy, and I was a little disappointed because I was looking forward to helping her with the subject. On the other hand, it was an 8am class, and without it her earliest class is much later in the day. I think it worked out for the best for this semester.

I've had another nuisance come up with my own health, too. Annoying bodies. They're great when you want to taste chocolate, hug someone, smell flowers, etc. but I have some complains about a few design flaws.

That's enough for tonight. Tomorrow: More about Art!

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