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Oh, he was obviously such a terrorist!

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Civil Rights | Posted on 12-12-2009


Dr Peter Watts, Canadian science fiction writer, beaten and arrested at US border
Obviously, science fiction writers are scary people. And his reason for being in Nebraska in the first place (helping a friend move) was highly questionable, so it makes total sense that the border patrol would search his vehicle. Getting out of the car to ask a question was obviously a terrorist act, so the border batrol beat him, pepper sprayed him, and threw him in jail. After his wife paid his bail, they tossed him out in his shirt sleeves (obviously, his coat had to be impounded along with his car, computer, and other belongings as a threat to national security) in the middle of the night, after charging him with a felony, claiming that he struck a federal officer (both the author and the passenger in his car state that never happened). Now the man has to return from his home in Canada to face felony charges in Michigan.

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