Pretty picture, meme, etc.

Sam start­ed a meme!

Palette by jakerome

Isn’t that gor­geous? It came up on the TV the oth­er day and I haven’t been able to stop look­ing at it since.

Yes, on the tele­vi­sion. We tend to gath­er in the kitchen, so that’s where the TV we watch togeth­er hap­pens to be. We don’t both­er with cable because we aren’t big TV watch­ers, but we watch things via Hulu and Net­flix, so the TV is fed from a com­put­er. That com­put­er had Web­shots on it, but Sam does­n’t like that much, so he installedJohn’s Back­ground Switch­er instead when he rebuilt the machine recently.

I’ve been a Web­shots lover for many years, but there are some things that real­ly annoyed me about it. JBS over­comes most of those! You can choose all kinds of sources for images.1 This one came up as one of the most “inter­est­ing” new pho­tos on Flickr. Here’s anoth­er image from the same artist. Aren’t they beau­ti­ful? If you go see them on Flickr, you’ll see the sources of all those lit­tle squares in the first image.

1 includ­ing your hard dri­ves, so if you’re a Web­shots con­vert you might find this tool useful

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