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Dollhouse Fans? TV stuff

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Fun | Posted on 13-05-2009


Do any of you maybe record Dollhouse? We don't do cable, so Katie and I have been watching it streaming on Hulu. This coming Friday's episode isn't going to be streamed, though, and we don't want to miss it. Any chance of some help? Pretty please?

It's fairly amazing how much you can find to watch online now. Legally! I used to get the CSI DVDs from Netflix when they were released each year, and watch the whole season in a marathon. Now we watch all three CSI shows on the CBS web site. The same goes for NCIS and Numb3rs. While the site says you can see full episodes of The Mentalist, I haven't found a way to do it. ABC has The Unusuals and Castle streaming. Burn Notice, Chuck, Bones, and Lie to Me are all on Hulu.

There's another show we watch once every few weeks, um, Legend? Legends? Something about a Seeker. I can't handle more of it than that, because the plots rely heavily on stupidity. That's too annoying, and while there are pretty people running around in nice scenery, it isn't enough to make up for the stup.

Comcast keeps sending more and more plaintive offers, trying to get us to subscribe to their cable TV and telephone service. When we did subscribe to cable, we didn't get around to watching much. We don't channel surf or just leavve the set on for noise, so it was wasted money. I suppose if we'd also gotten a Tivo or something similar, we would have recorded the shows we watch. But we didn't, so we still watched them online when we did watch them.

We can still use the television to view shows, thnks to a nifty cable Sam procured. That's better than watching on a computer monitor, and we can watch together. (It isn't much fun watching alone.)

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We Tivo it, but I don’t know how to pull it off the Tivo. I’m sure D prob­a­bly knows or maybe some­one else will com­ment. Are you total­ly averse to tor­rent­ing it? It should prob­a­bly be avail­able with­in a few hours after the show. I know the day that Ter­mi­na­tor: The Sarah Con­nor Chron­i­cles finale aired we didn’t get it because weath­er reports pre-empt­ed it. We were able to down­load it with­in 3 hours after the show.

Oh, just read your icon! I love it!

i was under the impres­sion you could watch it from the network’s tv web­site — can you not?

Usu­al­ly you can, but the sea­son finale won’t be on the website.

You’re the first per­son who has ever noticed it, as far as I know 😉

I bet you were ticked!

Not total­ly averse, but we don’t keep the bit­torent stuff installed, so it’s a bit of a has­sle. We’ll try that if we must, though!

I thought last week’s Omega was the sea­son finale, and Epi­taph would not be aired, but we can buy it on the DVD. This Fri­day, a 2 hour prison break is the only sched­uled on Fox for us.

Ack! I looked at tv​.com, and you’re right! And the show is almost cer­tain­ly canceled 🙁