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Dollhouse Fans? TV stuff

Do any of you maybe record Doll­house? We don’t do cable, so Katie and I have been watch­ing it stream­ing on Hulu. This com­ing Friday’s episode isn’t going to be streamed, though, and we don’t want to miss it. Any chance of some help? Pret­ty please?

It’s fair­ly amaz­ing how much you can find to watch online now. Legal­ly! I used to get the CSI DVDs from Net­flix when they were released each year, and watch the whole sea­son in a marathon. Now we watch all three CSI shows on the CBS web site. The same goes for NCIS and Num­b3rs. While the site says you can see full episodes of The Men­tal­ist, I haven’t found a way to do it. ABC has The Unusu­als and Cas­tle stream­ing. Burn Notice, Chuck, Bones, and Lie to Me are all on Hulu.

There’s anoth­er show we watch once every few weeks, um, Leg­end? Leg­ends? Some­thing about a Seek­er. I can’t han­dle more of it than that, because the plots rely heav­i­ly on stu­pid­i­ty. That’s too annoy­ing, and while there are pret­ty peo­ple run­ning around in nice scenery, it isn’t enough to make up for the stup.

Com­cast keeps send­ing more and more plain­tive offers, try­ing to get us to sub­scribe to their cable TV and tele­phone ser­vice. When we did sub­scribe to cable, we didn’t get around to watch­ing much. We don’t chan­nel surf or just leavve the set on for noise, so it was wast­ed mon­ey. I sup­pose if we’d also got­ten a Tivo or some­thing sim­i­lar, we would have record­ed the shows we watch. But we didn’t, so we still watched them online when we did watch them.

We can still use the tele­vi­sion to view shows, thnks to a nifty cable Sam pro­cured. That’s bet­ter than watch­ing on a com­put­er mon­i­tor, and we can watch togeth­er. (It isn’t much fun watch­ing alone.)


  1. Alice says:

    We Tivo it, but I don’t know how to pull it off the Tivo. I’m sure D prob­a­bly knows or maybe some­one else will com­ment. Are you total­ly averse to tor­rent­ing it? It should prob­a­bly be avail­able with­in a few hours after the show. I know the day that Ter­mi­na­tor: The Sarah Con­nor Chron­i­cles finale aired we didn’t get it because weath­er reports pre-empt­ed it. We were able to down­load it with­in 3 hours after the show.

  2. naesa says:

    i was under the impres­sion you could watch it from the network’s tv web­site — can you not?

  3. TechnoMom says:

    I bet you were ticked!

    Not total­ly averse, but we don’t keep the bit­torent stuff installed, so it’s a bit of a has­sle. We’ll try that if we must, though!

  4. Krista says:

    I thought last week’s Omega was the sea­son finale, and Epi­taph would not be aired, but we can buy it on the DVD. This Fri­day, a 2 hour prison break is the only sched­uled on Fox for us.

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