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You know all those sto­ries and wor­ries about immu­niza­tions con­tribut­ing to autism? For­get them. The doc­tor who wrote the study that start­ed the scare back in 1998 has been charged with “fix­ing” the data. What’s more, the “study” only involved twelve patients!

The sec­ond sto­ry is a very good arti­cle about how the obe­si­ty scare is just lead­ing to more health prob­lems, espe­cial­ly for young girls.

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  1. Inter­est­ing links, what I can see is that tech­ni­cal med­i­cines are not the solu­tions to but the way we are liv­ing in our indus­tri­al west­ern soci­eties. Can­cer, obe­si­ty, etc are all cre­at­ed by humans. Pol­lu­tions, fat food, lazy­ness, stress are the fac­tors of all that„, Olivia

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