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Filed under “anoth­er rea­son I’m proud to be a home­school­er”: Cal­i­for­nia court rules that pri­vate school can oust les­bian stu­dents. I do under­stand that it’s a pri­vate reli­gious school, and that their denom­i­na­tion does­n’t approve of homo­sex­u­al­i­ty. On the oth­er hand, the girls’ par­ents chose to send them to that school, not the girls them­selves. And demand­ing that every­body in the school be het­ero­sex­u­al makes every bit as much sense as demand­ing that they all be right-hand­ed! (It also sounds like the school went WAY the hell over­board in inter­pret­ing the “evi­dence.”)

Can I get an “Amen”?! End­ing Weight Bias: The Eas­i­est Way to Tack­le Obe­si­ty in America

This is news? Read­ers build vivid men­tal sim­u­la­tions of nar­ra­tive sit­u­a­tions, brain scans sug­gest

Not Good News: Mer­cury found in kids’ foods — and in pret­ty much any­thing else that con­tains HFCS. I’m con­fi­dent of my abil­i­ty to kick the soda habit, but total­ly avoid­ing HFCS pret­ty much means avoid­ing all processed foods. GAH!

This is so cool! Implants Tap the Think­ing Brain

No sur­prise to me, at least: Watch out. The Inter­net will cut you

Real­i­ty check: Sor­ry, you don’t have a 200 IQ

Anoth­er no-brain­er: Video Games May Hin­der Relationships

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  1. I do not see how a school could kick some­one out for that. How exact­ly do they prove the case and does it real­ly even mat­ter anyway?

  2. Re: Anoth­er no-brain­er: Video Games May Hin­der Relationships
    The inverse might be true. Rela­tion­ships cause video games. I haven’t spo­ken to my moth­er in years. When I was younger, we had a rocky rela­tion­ship and she insist­ed that we live way out in the mid­dle of nowhere (My near­est friend lived almost 30 miles away at one point). I could­n’t stand my fam­i­ly, and get­ting to see my friends reg­u­lar­ly was out of the ques­tion, so I bought video games.

    Or a less neg­a­tive exam­ple, when I’m hang­ing out with my friends, our usu­al enter­tain­ment is a video game of some sort.

    Re: Not Good News: Mer­cury found in kid­s’ foods
    You can have my sodas when you pry them from my cold dead fingers.

  3. I don’t think they “proved” the case at all, Tracy–and if they were actu­al­ly there pri­mar­i­ly to edu­cate any­one, it would­n’t have mattered.

  4. Travis, I can cer­tain­ly under­stand turn­ing to ANY kind of pur­suit to avoid inter­ac­tion with cer­tain peo­ple. When I was in high school, I par­tic­i­pat­ed in every­thing except sports and art, large­ly to avoid being home. When I was at home, I spent as much time in my own room as pos­si­ble read­ing or what­ev­er (I’m old, so per­son­al com­put­ers weren’t very com­mon then).

    Play­ing games togeth­er is one thing. Play­ing them alone when there are oth­er peo­ple around who want to inter­act with you, and with whom you pre­sum­ably want to inter­act, is dif­fer­ent. My part­ner and our kids spent many hours play­ing com­put­er games togeth­er on our home net­work at one time, but they also spent hours togeth­er doing oth­er things, includ­ing table­top RPGs.

  5. That depends on per­spec­tive, my moth­er still thinks video games are the rea­son we don’t speak. Nev­er­mind that she ran up TEN THOUSAND dol­lars in cred­it card debt in my name before I could even have a cred­it card… among oth­er things.

    My lit­tle sis­ter thought video games were why I did­n’t talk to her either, but the actu­al rea­son was tied to her tak­ing sides with my moth­er any­time we got into it. I babysat her kid the oth­er day because about a month ago my moth­er threw her out, and my sis­ter start­ed see­ing things from my point of veiw.

  6. Hey, I saw you talk about math pho­bia on a forum. Ever heard of dyscal­cu­lia? It’s “math dyslex­ia”. Google it!

  7. I’m glad you’ve recon­nect­ed with your sis­ter, at least, Travis. It sounds like you might be bet­ter off with­out being in touch with your mother!

  8. Thanks, Mette. I have heard of dyscalculia–as a home­school­ing moth­er, I’ve done a fair amount of research on learn­ing differences/disabilities.

    My pho­bia is whol­ly irra­tional, as pho­bias are want to be. I cer­tain­ly don’t have dyscalculia–I per­formed fair­ly well on the math team in high school and had an even 700/700 math/verbal split on the SAT (back when there were only 1600 points to be had, total).

  9. *gig­gles* Well, that’s fun­ny. I kept get­ting annoyed because I kept get­ting scores like 138 and 142 on those online IQ tests. I will shut up now and take my smart self as it is. 

    Also, I’ve been watch­ing the way we learn to deal with these new Inter­net rages and strange ways words start hurt­ing. It’s fascinating.

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