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Review: Rogue by Rachel Vincent

Rogue Rogue by Rachel Vincent

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I am officially annoyed. I want some kind of law, or at least an industry standard, that requires publishers to label any novel that doesn't tie up all its little plot threads in ONE volume. This is one that would definitely have that label, as we're left waiting Important Things on the very last page. Blech.

It takes a lot of talent to write good poetry, to compress meaning into those few, perfect words. Writing short stories is, again, something that requires skill, talent, and discipline. Novels give the author more leeway, and the best, in my opinion, are those that are pared down to the essentials. More and more, I see the serial novel as the mark of a very undisciplined writer. I like series, certainly—as long as each volume can stand on its own merits, enjoyable without having to read several other books. Ms. Vincent is nowhere near that level of professionalism.

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