Nerd Joy!

We’ve been scan­ner-deprived for many months now, because the mul­ti­func­tion print­er gave up the ghost. We acquired an old­er mod­el HP scan­ner via Freecy­cle a while back, but it would­n’t work. The mov­ing bit inside had been locked down for trans­port, and just would­n’t unlock. It is nev­er a good thing when you get a burn­ing smell out of a piece of com­put­er equipment.

But Sam attacked it with screw­drivers and pli­ers and brute force tonight, and made it work! Squee!

One Reply to “Nerd Joy!”

  1. Yay for the Geek Squad

    I can see it now, Sam peers into the scan­ner, the scan­ner imp say, “Go away, or I’ll call the Geek squad!” He responds, “I’m on the Geek Squad.” the imp looks his skills up and down, retort­ing, “You are the Geek Squad!”

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