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I’m Allergic to Our Bedroom

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Health, Home, Reading | Posted on 20-08-2008


More specifically (I hope), something in it. Not Sam, happily, but every time I go in there, I'm all stuffed up within a few minutes.

We keep that room closed and have a window a/c unit in there, because the house a/c just doesn't keep up so well.1 I'm wondering if there's something about the air not circulating to the rest of the house that's causing dust to settle in there?

The cat is seldom allowed in the room at all, and we don't have any other pets. There aren't any plants in the room.

We haven't been using the air cleaners, because I can only get their filters by mail-order and just didn't get around to getting new ones. I guess I need to order them and see if that helps.


In nicer news, the girl and I went to the nice library today. I had gone through my "to-read" shelf at Good Reads and requested a bunch of books. More of them than I expected came through all at one time, whereupon I learned that they allow a maximum of 75 books to be checked out at once. Whoops! I had to put two back.

I have plenty to read now, though!

1 We had to put a unit in Katie's room, too--it really wasn't factored in to the tonnage on the a/c unit when someone finished a former garage, and it doesn't have enough ducts. Now we need one for the guest room.

Comments (5)

I sor­ry your bed­room is giv­ing you problems!

I won­der if dust is build­ing up because the room stays closed. Or if you’re react­ing to mildew in or on the AC unit — some­times they stay damp and grow nastiness. 

Wow I thought I had a lot of library books out 🙂

From time to time I look here by and read the always inter­est­ing and well writ­ten con­tri­bu­tions. Here I would like to leave glad­ly a greet­ing from Thuringia in Germany!

My bet is mold and mildew in the AC unit.

Like Hope, I’m won­der­ing if the win­dow unit has a washable/​replaceable fil­ter that needs to be cleaned.

The oth­er pos­si­bil­i­ty that springs to mind is that the humid­i­ty lev­el might be dif­fer­ent — I find some­times that can make me abrupt­ly stuff up, but it usu­al­ly passes.

I’ll ask Sam to look at the unit again. He said there wasn’t any­thing that need­ed to be cleaned, but you’re prob­a­bly right. Mebbe I can find the man­u­al online.

Hi, Mat­ti, and wel­come! I looked at your blog, which seems nice, but I’m afraid I’m mono­lin­gual and can’t read it. 🙂