Day: August 15, 2008

Writing Bug

I’m more and more tempted to write some fiction again. It’s been years since I did that. I’m good with characters and environment, but not so good with plot. I don’t like to write about negative things, or nasty people, which is rather problematic when you need to have conflict.

I know part of it is reading books and thinking, “Damn, I could do better than that.” But to be realistic, anybody who has finished a book is doing better than I actually have done.

One thing that’s really getting to me is the number of anti-fat statements that get thrown in to so many stories. They have nothing to do with the story–they just happen because of the authors’ prejudice. Describing a minor character as fat is a cheap shortcut, because most readers will assume the person is lazy, sloppy, and not terribly intelligent (or a hyperfocused geek with no social skills if he is smart).

I know that starting out with a “message” is a crappy way to write fiction, though. Messages are better expressed in essays, not stories.

Still, I have this itch. Bah.