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Review: New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

I finished reading New Moon, which was much, much more dramatic (emotionally) than Twilight. As in, Bella goes into a zombie state for months, and the book just has blank pages with the names of each month as place holders--October, November, December, January, etc. I (and most everyone I know) have handled divorce better than this kid handles a teenage breakup! And her parents never put her in therapy why? (I think she should have been in-patient, myself.)

I couldn't let go enough to read this book from the intended audience's perspective. I kept thinking that there's no way I'd let a child of mine get involved with anyone so clingy. She wants to be with a guy 24/7, and no, I am not exaggerating at all. These books are a case study of dependent personality disorder. The fact that they are so incredibly popular is worrisome to me.


  1. cyn says:

    Nope. I’d be hap­py to sug­gest some­thing else if you can tell me a lit­tle about her tastes, though 🙂

    Wait – I think of Rose as a chub­by-cheeked LITTLE girl. Did she go and grow up or some­thing? Tell me she isn’t a teen already!

  2. cyn says:

    Thanks for the pho­tos — she’s so pret­ty! And so grown up!

    Has she read Francesca Lia Block’s Weezie Bat books? The omnibus is named Dan­ger­ous Angels. All the young ladies I know have loved those. Katie says she’s heard good things about the Bar­it­meus books. Celia Rees, who wrote Witch Child, is also good. Every­thing by Tamo­ra Pierce rocks our socks. Karen Cushman’s books, espe­cial­ly The Midwife’s Appren­tice, were a big hit here, too.

  3. Hope says:

    Wow, maybe I won’t give this one a try. It sounds like I’d spend the whole time yelling at the pro­tag­o­nist.

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