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Posted by Cyn | Posted in Family, Fun, Movies, Music | Posted on 19-07-2008


Katie got the Juno DVD last week, so we all watched it together Friday night. She's been gushing about it since seeing it in the theater, and adores the soundtrack, so we were certainly curious.

It was an odd movie, fairly quiet--no car crashes, big tragedies, etc. It was really well-done, and I was pleased with how realistically it depicted a teen pregnancy.

I'm more than slightly annoyed with what feels like a little puritanical "gotcha," with the girl getting pregnant the first and only time she had sex. Yes, of course I know it can happen, but it still feels a little like the horror movies in which any female who has had sex dies.

The music was really, really cute, and very Katie-ish. She's a quirky girl, my kid.

I was a little distracted every time Jason Bateman was on the screen, because he loooks so much like Nathan Fillion.1 I wonder if they're related at all? If they are, IMDB doesn't mention it.

1 I didn't realize how young Fillion is, either--five years younger than I am!

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