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ToTD: Fran Lebowitz

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Thought of the Day | Posted on 17-07-2008


Take away a man’s actual sense of manhood--which is conventionally based on the ability to work, to earn money, to be self-sufficient, to provide for children--and you’ve got to give them something else. And they did.

This hideous religion that’s all over the country--these huge church-malls--that’s what substitutes for these lost towns. But that’s not a town. That’s a cult. A town is diverse, in a real way, not in this fake way we have now. A community is a butcher and a doctor, a minister, a town troublemaker. A 'community' is not a bunch of people united by some grievance. That’s just self-righteousness--incredibly dangerous and antidemocratic. People have become so rigid; their opinions seem to them like themselves. When that happens (and it has happened) people can’t change their minds. If you are identified by your opinions--if that is the very basis of yourself--how can you change your mind?

Fran Lebowitz, Ruminator Magazine interview with Susannah McNeely (August/September 2005)

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Well put — and down­right scary

Inter­est­ing post. I have made a twit­ter post about this. Oth­ers no doubt will like it like I did.