What Was the Name of That Book?

I remem­ber read­ing a book–no, a series–in the ear­ly 90s or so. The clear­est mem­o­ry I have is that there was some sort of drug that made any­one who took it “perfect”–healthy, beau­ti­ful, ath­let­ic, etc. It was also addic­tive after just one dose, and there was no way to get off it–to stop tak­ing it meant death. The main char­ac­ter’s wife was dosed with it so that the sup­pli­ers could con­trol the hero. I think the pro­tag­o­nist was white, and seem to recall that his wife was described as hav­ing an Afro.

Does that trig­ger any mem­o­ries for anyone?

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  1. Not to me, but if you want, there is a com­mu­ni­ty on LJ, what­wasthat­book, that spe­cial­izes in this stuff. Every book I’ve asked about has been found there.

  2. I’m hop­ing you’ll find out, so I can read it — sounds like a fas­ci­nat­ing premise 🙂

  3. That isn’t it, though I appre­ci­ate the sug­ges­tion. I’ve only read two of his nov­els as far as I can remem­ber, and one of those was Do Androids Dream of Elec­tric Sheep? The oth­er might have been Valis, but I’m hav­ing trou­ble pin­ing down the mem­o­ry. I’m sure it was­n’t Scan­ner, though.

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