R.I.P. Robert Asprin

I only encoun­tered him per­son­al­ly once, on a pan­el the first time I attend­ed a con (Drag­on Con, 1988 or so?). I thought he was an arro­gant jerk. I’ve heard from oth­ers that he could be quite nice, so maybe it was some kind of schtick. I did enjoy all the Thieves World books, despite their unre­lent­ing darkness. 

He was sched­uled to be at Mar­Con this week­end, so it seems his death was sud­den and unex­pect­ed. I wish the best to his fam­i­ly and friends.

One Reply to “R.I.P. Robert Asprin”

  1. He was arro­gant and boast­ful. Some­times right­ful­ly so. 

    But deep down was a kind heart. And a bit of mis­chievi­ous lit­tle boy.

    I’ll miss sit­ting with him, drink­ing, flirt­ing, and shar­ing stories.

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