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Date Night – Baby!

We had Chi­nese food together tonight, and played for a while. There was some ick, but I sus­pected that it was com­ing. The happy part is that my character’s old­est son (fos­ter son, really) and his wife’s baby was born. First grand­baby! There have been many babies born in the last “year” of the game, and there are two more preg­nan­cies in progress (not my char­ac­ter, peo­ple close to her). In fact, Sam has a “babies” sec­tion on the wiki, just for track­ing their names and other information.

Cud­dling an actual baby would be even bet­ter, but a healthy in-​​game baby was pretty sweet, too.

Sam said we had to stop after that, because there was no way he could top baby Desmond 😉


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  1. Yeah, a new baby is an awful hard act to fol­low :) Congrats :)

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