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Extreme Introvert Attack In Progress

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Blogging, Critters, Health, Homeschooling, Reading | Posted on 25-03-2008


Seriously. I didn't even want to make a post, because it counts as interacting with the world. But hey, that's the price of Blog365, right?

I remembered those "Writer's Block" prompts on LJ, and decided to try that as a starter. Who comes up with these things? One of them was about what you'd want to do with your favorite "superstar" if you were alone with him or her. What, are we all 12?

Katie and I had more running around to do today, but it didn't happen. I should have planned to have a flare, since we did. We had another appointment scheduled tomorrow, but it's been postponed. Yay.

I definitely need to find something more uplifting to read than Laura Lippman. There's a fair amount of casual fat-bashing going on in her books. Very lookist, all around.

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I’m not sure if I should com­ment, or refrain from com­ment­ing on a “don’t wan­na deal with the world” post. Please take this in the spir­it of “I care about you” that it’s intended 🙂

I enjoy read­ing, so feel free to write whatever