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I Will Try Not to Bore You

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Fun, Geekery, RPGs | Posted on 12-03-2008


But tonight's game was really, really good, and even though we retconned something and most GMs wouldn't be as accommodating as Sam, he managed to make a new thing damn near as difficult (or more so than) the old thing, and how is it that he has so much story in there?

Oh! He also brought home calzones, and baked cookies! I'm so lucky!

Comments (2)

If hear­ing about your game is bor­ing, please, bore me! 

I’m remind­ed of the quo­ta­tion — if this is tor­ture, chain me to the wall!

I’m glad to hear it! And yay for nur­tur­ing, con­sid­er­ate mates 🙂