I Will Try Not to Bore You

But tonight’s game was real­ly, real­ly good, and even though we ret­conned some­thing and most GMs would­n’t be as accom­mo­dat­ing as Sam, he man­aged to make a new thing damn near as dif­fi­cult (or more so than) the old thing, and how is it that he has so much sto­ry in there?

Oh! He also brought home cal­zones, and baked cook­ies! I’m so lucky!

2 Replies to “I Will Try Not to Bore You”

  1. If hear­ing about your game is bor­ing, please, bore me! 

    I’m remind­ed of the quo­ta­tion — if this is tor­ture, chain me to the wall!

  2. I’m glad to hear it! And yay for nur­tur­ing, con­sid­er­ate mates 🙂

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