Bookcase Bedroom!

New tiles for the Uroko house

Orig­i­nal­ly uploaded by akamé

I sup­pose it could be called a Book­case Tree, because of its iasic deis­ngn. It would­n’t be the best choice of design for sleep­ing quar­ters for a claus­tro­phone lke me, and pro­crati­na­tors wpuld find it even hard­er to quit read­ing and go to sleep. I would love to have this for a lit­tle one

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  1. A bed! The struc­ture is a lit­tle bed­room. If you click on the pho­to, you’ll go to the orig­i­nal on Flickr. There are mul­ti­ple views of it, all tagged “book­case bed­room.”

  2. I just like it. I do hope I can also make one for myself since it is some­thing cre­ative and not messy at all. I would like to asked if what mate­ri­als have you placed in the upper por­tion of the shelve?

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