Month: February 2008

Rainbow Stickers = Gang Affiliations? Right

Yeah, I hear there’s a real problem with queer street gangs these days, tagging everything in sight with those damned rainbows.

ACLU sues Florida school for barring Pride gear

Administrators at Ponce de Leon High School stated that students’ wearing rainbow stickers could mean that they are members of an illegal organization.…
An unidentified student was suspended for five days for expressing her support for gay rights, the ACLU said. Students said a lesbian peer was harassed and tried to report the situation to administrators. She was instead greeted with censorship of supporting students writing “gay pride” on their arms and notebooks.

This story definitely goes in the “glad to be homeschooling” file, but it also gives me cause to wonder if the school administrator training process surgically removes all common sense. Or do they just prefer to recruit those who don’t have much of it in the first place?

So What’s Different?

I saw the topic and thought, “Gosh, maybe I’ve missed something obvious. I’ve never been so good at this Girly-Girl thing. I should watch that.”

I watched it. I don’t feel enlightened.

Maybe it’s just been too long since I thought about this stuff, but what’s so different about applying make-up for 40-year-olds than it is for 20-year-olds? I get that people’s skin type might change, but that’s an individual thing. Where did this “no mascara on the bottom lashes” thing come from, and why?

Maybe someone who reads women’s magazines or watches TV can give me a clue here.

(Yep, this is a very shallow entry.)