Never, Never on a Sunday

Nope, not Sun­day. Most­ly. Well, maybe some­times. Damned earworm!

I was try­ing to be Very, Very good today as I wrapped up my assign­ments for the semes­ter. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I got com­plete­ly dis­tract­ed by the fact that I had­n’t done a bloody thing with Pagan Par­ents since adopt­ing the site. I got it work­ing at a min­i­mal lev­el, so it should be easy to add con­tent now. 

Hint Hint: Con­tent! I need con­tent! Col­lab­o­ra­tors! Seri­ous­ly, if you have opin­ions about par­ent­ing as a pagan, or you know of resources that I should link to, please let me know. If you know some­body who might want to write an arti­cle or blog with us there, have him or her con­tact me.

No, I don’t have time for anoth­er site, real­ly, but the pre­vi­ous own­ers could­n’t renew it, and I did­n’t want to see the address scooped up by a domain park­ing ser­vice or some such, just to be used for adver­tis­ing (or to be sold at an out­ra­geous price to actu­al, you know, pagan parents).

I did, even­tu­al­ly, get back to the school work. I’ve done my last quiz and turned in my last MS Project assign­ment. I think I have two more things to turn in for my oth­er class, and I know I need to take the Project Man­age­ment final in the next day or two. I don’t think we have to par­tic­i­pate in the dis­cus­sion boards this week, but I’d best look to be sure.

And then it starts all over again come Sun­day. No such thing as spring break around here, no sirree!

vmars2.jpgThe girl and I watched the last episode of Veron­i­ca Mars Sea­son 2 today. We’ve real­ly stretched them out, but it was time. They got me, too. I real­ly did­n’t even sus­pect the big bad guy, and I was sur­prised yet again at the demise of anoth­er bad guy. I’m so glad it did­n’t end with a big cliffhang­er! There’s a lit­tle one, but noth­ing com­pared to the first sea­son. I have to say that it’s a fun series. I don’t know how pop­u­lar it was with the teens when it was on the air, but I would have eat­en it up as a kid. What great fan­ta­sy ful­fill­ment: a smart, cute high school stu­dent who is a suc­cess­ful pri­vate detective!

Mah man was busy doing an inter­view with the author of a role­play­ing book about hor­ri­ble, wicked elves. I had to ask him to stop describ­ing aspects of it to me after the record­ing was done. (I’d left the room dur­ing it.) Yep, still a wimp. He was busy all evening edit­ing, but I’m not sure whether or not he post­ed it to The Bear’s Grove yet. If not, it should be up Real Soon Now.