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Gone Already?

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Blogging, College, Fun, Geekery, Health, Home, Needlework, Reading, RPGs | Posted on 23-02-2008


Wow. This has been a very short week. I'm sure it doesn't feel that way to my poor Sam, but it does to me. That's what happens when you sleep through most of it, I suppose. I've avoided acknowledging the possibility that Katie AND I have mono, but I have the same symptoms she does, and neither of us are getting any better.

My dreams are increasingly weird. I have to think that I've slept so much that my brain is done with ordinary processing, so now it's dredging up All That Weird Shit. Increased hypnagogic episodes, oh joy. I hate those!

lebowski.gifOh! We watched The Big Lebowski! Neither Katie nor Sam had seen it before, and it finally arrived from Netflix. I had driven them nuts, because the movie simply cannot be described. One has to experience it. Now they have been indoctrinated, and thus they understand. I'd forgotten how much I liked the music in that film. I must endeavor to acquire the soundtrack.

That was Friday, yes. Then we had a Saturday. I mean, it isn't as if the world skipped it. And it was today. I'm just finding it difficult to remember much of anything.

Strangers in DeathLet's see--Sam got up and went off to a breakfast meeting with some important personage to evangelize about New Media. Right. Then he picked up the new J.D. Roberts book, Strangers in Death, at the library for me,1 and prescriptions for Katie.

He came home with a bunch of bike goodies, too--light, bell, chains and locks, etc. Of course he had to go try the bike after the light and bell were on!

Then the Nap Fairy ambushed us. Hard. I mean, we both woke up around 8:30 with no idea where the last 2-3 hours had gone. That doesn't count as a nap so much as half a night's sleep! If the house hadn't been so hot that we were sweaty, I'm not sure that we would have woken 'til Sunday morning.

In any case, we did wake up, rearrange ourselves, and proceed to have a Very Nice Date. My sweetie made up a murder mystery for me. Isn't that sweet! Not quite a locked-door thing, but absolving a treasured NPC required Shenanigans. Nobody expects the demonic doppelganger!

1 Squee!

Comments (2)

Hmm… I dun­no, when I had mono in high school, I had the weird­est, most vivid dreams of my entire life. You might wan­na get checked on that.

For the most part, I just didn’t get The Big Lebows­ki. It’s one of those films, I think, that show a bro­ken part of my Movie Appre­ci­a­tion gland, I think. There are a num­ber of movies that my peers adore, that don’t strike me as being all that. But Yay! for see­ing some­thing you liked, and shar­ing it 🙂

Your one-on-one gam­ing always sounds so delightful!