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Posted by Cyn | Posted in Health | Posted on 11-02-2008


This was the Monday-est Monday I've had in a while.

Generally, the only reason any one day of the week differs from another, for me, is in whether or not Sam is at home. Today was different because I had to go to a morning appointment on my own, Katie and I had other appointments this evening, and I had a great many phone calls to make.

I think I'm in people overload. It's silly, since I really didn't have to deal with that many people directly. But my days are usually compassed by Sam, Katie, and whoever I might let in a bit via the internet. Today I made more than a dozen phone calls to various bureaucracies, so I got to deal with a lot of people who apparently really hate their jobs and take it out on anyone who dares to call. I definitely get a little misanthropic myself at times, but I don't generally take it out on people who aren't doing anything but existing!

i did get a financial aid problem straightened out, and registered for my next semester of classes.

However, I'm not doing email tonight, and I'm not leaving comments on blogs, and if the phone rings I might throw it away.

Sorry, world. I'll try to be nicer tomorrow.

Comments (3)

I don’t see tak­ing time to recharge as not being nice. One has to be nice to one­self before one can be nice to any­one else. 

And look! I got myself logged in 🙂 I feel all smart now.

My Mon­day was very hec­tic — my son and his wife arrived from the UK, we had 2 hours with­out elec­tric­i­ty, I had to take the dog to the vet and I got a speed­ing fine 🙁 Nuff said?

Ewww! Ok, John wins on the Monday-suckitudiness.