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Thing-​​a-​​Day 2

My cre­ative time today was spent web­mistress­ing. I tweaked some Word­Press tem­plates to work bet­ter, and moved more stuff over from my old site for­mat to Word­Press. It may not seem like much, but I always rewrite and update as I do that, so I fig­ure it counts.

Sam and I had lots of fun in our game tonight. It’s a lit­tle weird to real­ize that some­one is an avatar of a deity and that not only does he not know it, he’s nowhere near ready to real­ize it. Then there’s the whole issue of not let­ting that lit­tle fact slip at all, because an entire race of peo­ple is wait­ing for his return (and they really, really need him now, of course).

I really should go to the library tomor­row, but I don’t know if Sam will have time to drive me there. I have books to return and books on hold to pick up. I’d best go to bed now, to improve my chances of wak­ing early enough to ask him.

I need to give Kioshi some extra scritchies, though, and I’m think­ing about Jen and her fam­ily, who had to let go of their newest feline fam­ily mem­ber today — he had feline leukemia. I always think of our Andre and Tom-​​Tom when­ever feleuk comes up. I’m glad Kioshi didn’t catch it from his par­ents, as our babies and theirs prob­a­bly did. Please, vac­ci­nate all of your pets! Even if you don’t ever plan for them to go outside!


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  1. Jen

    Thanks, dear.

    The vet said he *was* prob­a­bly born with it and that either who had him found out and put him out; or they never knew. We think they just didn’t know as he was never fixed and didn’t seem to have been to a vet before. I hope so. I would hate to know that some­one found out he had feline leuk and then dumped him out on the streets.

    We have def­i­nitely decided, though, that Tim’s mom is right — main coons are the sweet­est kit­ties ever. She’s had many and has one that is an older ver­sion of Kishi. We’re at their house this week­end and I think hav­ing Dozier sit­ting on me and lov­ing on me has helped. I know it’s helped Spidey because Dozier is just a total love bug and Spidey’s been hold­ing him a lot and pet­ting him.

    But do give Kioshi scritches for us.

  2. cyn

    I’m glad Dozier helped.

    Kioshi just isn’t a very cud­dle­some cat. You may remem­ber that Shel­ley wasn’t just cud­dly, she was aggres­sively cud­dly! So I still miss her, and I really want a lap cat. Maybe we can find a Maine Coon, too :-)

  3. If I had a cat, that cat would have all the needed vac­ci­na­tions. These days, I get my cat time in with other people’s cats :)

    Now I’m all kinds of curi­ous about what’s going on in the game!

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