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White Kitten + Mad Cake Decorator + Chicken =

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Art, Critters, Fun, Humor | Posted on 24-01-2008


Originally uploaded by Kimberly Jennery

Ditto showing off her new paint job!

This cuteness just strengthens my wish that we lived closer to Kimberly and her family. Click for more photos.

Comments (6)

Aww, that pic is so cute & funny 🙂

Let’s see … ears straight up, back arched … that is not a hap­py kit­ten … and that LOOK!! That’s a cat that’s plot­ting REVENGE!

If you go to Flickr, there are two oth­er pho­tos of her. She real­ly doesn’t care. I think, in this one, she’s just say­ing, “Hey — more chick­en here! Why did you stop?”

She’s a crazy lit­tle kit­ty. One of her favorite pas­times is nurs­ing on her own belly!

Oh, believe me, this is NOT an unhap­py kit­ten! This spoiled-rot­ten kit­ten is tru­ly not both­ered by her dec­o­ra­tions. They’re quite fad­ed, already. I’m sure she’s hop­ing for more chick­en soon — heh heh heh 😉

Which just goes to show that cats, in gen­er­al, are crazy. Mind you, I like cats. But I like my room­mate, too. Both are crazy 🙂

Ha! If that was Schitzy (my cat)… it would have ate the whole cake and then when into car­diac arrest.…