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I hate it when that happens

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Blogging, Family, Health, Home, News, politics, Relationships, Sex | Posted on 17-01-2008


I had an entry almost completely written, and it was good. Then I hit something badly with my numb hand, and my browser backed up a page. Now the entry is all gone. Yes, I should have saved sometime while writing, but I was on a roll.

So you'll have to settle for knowing that I spent the day recovering from yesterday but my body is still pissy at me. Otherwise, I think the ACLU is very confused about what "public" means. According to the APA, I am not mythical (which is a big relief), and researchers at the University of San Diego say that same sex relationships may be healthier than opposite sex couplings. Finally, the Queen is firmly "lowering the 'chav' factor" at Royal Ascot, which is sure to make the world a far safer place. Or something.

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