Results Are In! The Funniest Twitterer Is…

Foul­Bas­tard wins with an aston­ish­ing 34% of the votes! It may not sound like a huge lead, but when you con­sid­er that we had 33 nom­i­nees and 106 votes, it is! The first run­ner-up, Bad­Banana, had 14% of the vote.


Thanks to every­one who par­tic­i­pat­ed! We all owe thanks to Shashi Bel­lamkon­da, who came up with the idea and gath­ered all those nominations!

Many thanks to Andrew Suther­land, who cre­at­ed Democ­ra­cy, the plu­g­in I used for the poll. It installed eas­i­ly and is essen­tial­ly foolproof.

And to those of you who aren’t on Twit­ter yet, why not join us?

2 Replies to “Results Are In! The Funniest Twitterer Is…”

  1. Tech­nomom,

    You are awe­some. You saw this Poll through despite hav­ing a Fall. Hope you get well soon.



  2. You’re too sweet! I am feel­ing bet­ter now, thanks. The poll was fun, and I’ve met lots of new Twit­ter­ers because of it. Just let me know when you want to do anoth­er one 🙂

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