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Date: November 26, 2007

Tweets for 11-26-2007

  • 22:35 Just got picture of a baby from a relative. Trying to find SOMETHING good to say about the poor little thing other than "Bless her heart." #
  • 23:19 @ ashipkowski Welcome! *hugs* #
  • 12:44 @jtimothyking Male or female? Approx. age? #
  • 12:48 @jtimothyking – Ok – aging, worrying about whether he’s "over the hill," if he can stay competitive with younger people. #
  • 12:49 @jtimothyking If he isn’t married, may be worrying about that. I’ve known several guys who freaked out at that age and were ready to marry #
  • 12:49 ANY female #
  • 13:00 Up again. Me this time. Going to try to get started on this week’s assignments now instead of procrastinating #
  • 13:00 Distracted by ongoing timeouts and other MySQL errors on my main blog, though. Grump. #

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Instant Christmas: Trio of ‘elves’ transform Ritz-Carlton Buckhead overnight | ajc.com

From the AJC (link gone): Instant Christmas: Trio of ‘elves’ transform Ritz-Carlton Buckhead overnight
I noticed this story because it reminded me of our dear friend Sonji (Mique_Mique on LJ), who we haven’t seen in far too long! As a floral designer, this is her “crazy time” each year, so I know it’ll be some time yet before we do get to see her. We miss you, sugar!

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