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Posted by Cyn | Posted in Holidays, Spirituality | Posted on 22-11-2007


Let us give thanks for chaos and logos
and implicate order;
for dark matter, bright galaxies,
and nonlocal connections; for crystals and continents;
for Lucy's skull and Mary Leakey's
footprints in volcanic ash; for Thales' water,
Heraclitus' fire, and Pythagorean forms; for the
Indian zero, algebra, and algorithms; for the
oscillations of the Yin and the Yang; for
acupuncture, Su Sung's astronomical clock, and
Huang Tao P'i's textile technology; for Arabic
alchemists on the Old Silk Road and Ibn Sina's
Canon of Medicine; for Euclid and Newton and "God
playing dice"; for Kepler's snowflake and Kekule's
dream; for Mendel's monastery peas and the genetic
Tetragrammaton on the spiral staircase of life;
for fractals, ferns and fall foliage; for
caterpillars and cocoons; for the infant's first cry;
for Pachebel's canon; for stained glass windows,
Leeuwenhoek's microscope, and the Galileo
probe; for the World Wide Web to help us become
conscious of cosmic interconnectedness; but most
of all, let us give thanks for the twin passions
which make us fully human--the yearning to
transcend the boundaries of time and space by
learning and by loving.

Invocation, by Ingrid Shafer
For the opening of the Oklahoma Academy of Science on 7 November 1997

A friend emailed the piece to me several years ago. I wanted to link to it, but couldn't find a copy of it on the web, so I made one (with Dr. Shafer's permission, of course). Today seems a good time to move it from the old version of my site into WordPress.

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Thank you for post­ing that! It’s beau­ti­ful, and a very good thing for me to read tonight.