Why Am I Seeing Red?

I went to bed, leav­ing the com­put­er on because I was in the mid­dle of something.

I got up to find every­thing dis­play­ing washed in red.


I haven’t had a dis­play prob­lem like this since 1992 or so, when I had a crap­py Gate­way mon­i­tor with a pro­pri­etary cable that went weird.

I’ve checked all the con­nec­tions, of course. And the set­tings. Noth­ing changed from before, and when I reset the set­tings to default, it does­n’t fix the problem.

I’m no longer strong enough to move the mon­i­tors or the PC around to test and see if it’s the mon­i­tor. I don’t think we have a spare video card, either. I’m sure we don’t have a spare monitor.

I guess I’ll have to wake Sam ear­ly, as this isn’t real­ly very usable, and I need to fin­ish some stuff today.


4 Replies to “Why Am I Seeing Red?”

  1. Try rein­stalling the video drivers.

    Check vid card if that was­n’t it.

    If it’s the mon­i­tor hope­ful­ly ya’ll have extras around.

    You still have a work­ing lap­top, right?? I think I remem­ber that.

  2. oh yeah, try switch­ing out the cable before you switch mon­i­tors; could just be the cable — that’d be the eas­i­est problem 🙂

  3. No lap­top here, nope — died a while back 🙁 Needs a new moth­er­board, and I’m not real­ly inclined to put one in a lap­top. But I miss her!

    Sam moved every­thing around and swapped out the video card, then put the oth­er one back in, and final­ly found a bad con­nec­tion. There are sev­er­al mon­i­tor cables daisy-chained togeth­er so that I can have the mon­i­tor in a spot where I can see it from the reclin­er (only way I can sit for more than a very few min­utes). One of them is replaced and all the con­nec­tions are extra-secure due to duct tape now!

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