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Day: November 14, 2007

Date Night, Reading, School Stuff

I was a naughty girl today, too caught up in reading A Few Demons More to do my homework. Bad girl.

To be fair, I was also taking care of my Katie baby, who had a fever and was nearly delirious. She really fits the chronic fatigue syndrome/ME diagnostic criteria more than those for fibromyalgia, but whatever it is, she's missing way too much school.

Wednesday is one of my regular date nights with Sam, and I certainly wasn't going to put that off for school stuff, so I figured I'd just hop online and make my required four posts after he went to bed, then join him quickly.1

Whoops! Not so fast!

My critical thinking class, which I figured to be a "gimme" (required for every DeVry student regardless of major, obviously designed to be one of the first classes everybody takes) surprised me this time. Both threaded discussions required research and thought.

The first was about consumer finance, which isn't exactly controversial. We had to use the school's library site to access a periodicals database, though, and choose at least two articles related to some particular aspect of consumer finance. Then we had to "share" one of them in the discussion, explaining why we chose it and how it was relevant. That's a big field to narrow down, and the database had annoyingly NOT-fresh information on my chosen angle.

The second, though, had us analyze a Hitler Museum site 2 that claimed to be totally free of bias. Yep, pull the other one, it's got bells on! We had to evaluate the site based on 5 or 6 different measures of credibility. Even thought the site was obviously very pro-Hitler, finding credible sources (meaning not Wikipedia) to disprove various claims took some time.

I was highly disturbed by the number of my classmates that declared the site free of bias. Obviously, there are people who are in serious need of this course! I knew that many people take in media fairly unquestioningly, but a pro-Hitler web site put up by some anonymous twit? In 2007?

The management class stuff was very easy, just questions about diversity and entrepreneurship. Yay for easy!

I'm finally done and can go cuddle up with mah sweetie. I wanna get the Holocaust revisionism out of my head, though, to avoid bad dreams, so I might end up reading for a bit first.

1 I have got to go back to starting the week's class stuff on Mondays. Really.

2 No, I'm not going to link to that!