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Day: November 12, 2007

It Was a Lovely Day

Please note: Yes, I am refer­ring to today, the 12th, which is my birth­day. Those close to me know that I gen­er­ally hate my birth­day, as it’s a reminder of mul­ti­ple mis­car­riages and other nasty things hap­pen­ing around this time sev­eral years in a row.

Sam and Katie man­aged to make #41 very nice, though. 

Quotable Mug With Osho QuoteSam and I went out Sat­ur­day evening to Bar­nes & Noble, but I just couldn’t make a deci­sion. So many choices! We went over to Out­Write, too, which is always fun. I saw lots of adorable trin­kets there, and plenty of inter­est­ing read­ing and lis­ten­ing mate­rial, but still couldn’t make a choice. I really liked this mug, and it felt great in my hand, but I couldn’t find out if it’s microwave safe. (My favorite cof­fee cup was bro­ken recently, vic­tim of my unre­li­able grip. Thank you, fibro/​arthritis/​CMP!) Have any of you tried a Quotable mug? How did it hold up?

Oh! On the way home, we started to drive past Krispy Kreme and Sam had a sud­den need for donuts, so we popped in there to sat­isfy that. I’ve never done the drive-through there before, but things were really crowded in the store. The car line was long, too, but we had the advan­tage of pri­vacy and good com­pany while wait­ing in it.

We enjoyed being out, but I came home with­out hav­ing cho­sen any­thing but donut fill­ings. Sam threat­ened to pick for me if I didn’t make a choice on Sun­day. I have a lot of trou­ble spend­ing any money on myself, or ask­ing for presents, and he thought that’s why I hadn’t cho­sen any­thing.

So we went out again on Sun­day — leav­ing the house two days in a row is very unusual for me any more! I had finally decided on exactly what I wanted, and we tried to go get it, but found the place closed for Veteran’s Day. My man insisted on tak­ing me to Bor­ders and buy­ing Kim Harrison’s A Few Demons More, promis­ing that we’d also go to The Place again on Mon­day. Then he took me to Steak & Shake for din­ner, because when I saw the sign I had a seri­ous crav­ing for their mush­room-swiss burger. (Don’t bother with the new Por­to­bello mush­room burger, as you get far fewer mush­rooms that way!)

Katie and I (she’s home from school, sick) had a very nice, low-key day Mon­day, and Sam and I set out again after he got home. This time, suc­cess!

I asked for some­thing that prob­a­bly seems odd to most peo­ple — a non-res­i­dent library card so I can access the best library sys­tem in Geor­gia, Gwin­nett County Pub­lic Libraries. But I’d checked, and they have 95% of the books I’m really want­ing to read, and past expe­ri­ence says they’ll con­tinue to carry the fan­tasy and sci­ence fic­tion I love. They have a far bet­ter selec­tion of every­thing than Dekalb, where we live. (Okay, Gwin­nett has stopped car­ry­ing music CDs, because so many went miss­ing. Big deal.)

I wanted the card instead of a few books, because this way I can read all of them! And, in fact, we came home with nine books that have all been on my wish list for some time, and two or three graphic nov­els for Sam.

Now I have a whole pile of new-to-me books, and A Few Demons More! They’re all way too tempt­ing to a girl who still has home­work to do, includ­ing a SWOT analy­sis that’s due for my man­age­ment class this week.

Thanks to all of you for the birth­day wishes via Face­book, email, Twit­ter, LJ, etc. 🙂