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Who would you want to cuddle with or look like?

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Parenting, Size Acceptance | Posted on 27-11-2006


It's a no-brainer for me! I'd rather be or hug the gal on the left any day!
Two women, same bathing suit - which should be a model? A model what?

Somehow, though, the Make Me a Supermodel judges found the waif on the right more worthy of praise than Jen Hunter, the hot babe on the left who actually won, thanks to input from fans.

The skinny gal, Marianne Berglund, looks like a kid playing dress-up to me. An underfed, sick, awkward kid who hasn't quite hit puberty. Putting her next to Ms. Hunter is just cruel.

Which one would I rather have my daughter emulate? That's not hard, either. If I ever see Katie looking like Ms. Berglund, she will be on the way to the hospital in a trice.

Thanks for the link, Alice_Bunnie!

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