Give Sambear hugs!

My poor baby sur­vived appen­dici­tis — two week­ends in a row! 

He final­ly saw a doc­tor this week, and drank the nasty bar­i­um shake so they could see his innards. The ver­dict is that the appen­dix needs to come out, prefer­ably on our sched­ule (mean­ing laparo­scop­i­cal­ly, which is much safer) than on its sched­ule (emer­gency basis, pos­si­bil­i­ty of rup­ture, big­ger inci­sion, longer heal­ing, ewwww!).

He’s on one of those “kill them all!” antibi­otics now, and will be going for­ward with the next steps this week. Wish him luck in as-near­ly-pain­less-as-pos­si­ble removal of the beast­ly appen­dix, will you?

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