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Give Sambear hugs!

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Family, Home | Posted on 14-10-2006


My poor baby survived appendicitis - two weekends in a row!

He finally saw a doctor this week, and drank the nasty barium shake so they could see his innards. The verdict is that the appendix needs to come out, preferably on our schedule (meaning laparoscopically, which is much safer) than on its schedule (emergency basis, possibility of rupture, bigger incision, longer healing, ewwww!).

He's on one of those "kill them all!" antibiotics now, and will be going forward with the next steps this week. Wish him luck in as-nearly-painless-as-possible removal of the beastly appendix, will you?

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Good gra­cious! I sent be well hugs through his LJ.