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In Dallas? Wear your seat belt!

Being hauled out of school in handcuffs because of a $50 seat-belt ticket was bad enough for Lancaster High School music teacher Theresa Dobbs.

She had no idea what was yet to come.

That seat belt ticket – the only blemish on her driving record – would result in a harrowing three-day stay in a crowded holding tank at the Dallas County Jail last week without a chance to see a lawyer, bail bondsman or judge.

This comes a year after Dallas County insisted that they'd fixed the problems that led them to lose one man for 15 months due to similar paperwork problems. Yes, 15 months.

Unfortunately, I don't think Ms. Dobbs will get a lot of support from the federal government in any case against the county in Bush's America. After all, she lives in what was recently Bush's Texas, and it hasn't changed much since he was in charge there, has it?